Welcome to my Neo Geo Pocket Color Fansite!

Photograph of a pearl-blue Neo Geo Pocket Color, powered on, displaying a menu screen from the game Dark Arms

Hi! Thanks for visiting my fansite for SNK's shortlived handheld family. I just started this website in March of 2019 after receiving my first ever Pocket Color! (Best surprise ever!) I love it and think the world should know why I think it is so under-appreciated. I am planning to focus on the Pocket Color, since that's what I have, and there seems to be less to say about the original monochromatic unit.

I cannot and will not provide game ROMs or links to game ROMs.

Over time I am hoping to create some useful pages of information for the portion of its library available in English. Right now I'm playing Dark Arms: Beast Buster 1999 (came with the system, thanks again Stoney!), Samurai Shodown, and Turf Masters.

I want to add lots of screenshots, gifs, maybe reviews, and links to helpful resources. In addition to showcasing my affection for this fantastic piece of hardware, I aim for this fansite to be web-compliant and as accessible as possible.

As this page is so very under construction I am going to wait before asking you to tell me what improvements you would like to see. But I will have as open a mind as I can and try to listen to everybody once the site is properly "open"!

About me: I was mostly raised on Nintendo consoles and Electronic Gaming Monthly magazines in the 90s. I love games and exploring the intersection of commercial art, technological innovation, and personal expression. My favorite games are Zelda (Majora's mask if I have to pick one), Katamari Damacy, and Pokemon (Gold).

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