Samurai Shodown for the Neo Geo Pocket - Fansite Information

This is a pretty fun game! I have to admit though that I haven't played a SamSho game before, so this has been my first exposure. I like the simplified fighting controls but needed to look up the manual - big thank you to, I'll post a link to that treasure trove somewhere. After studying the moves a little bit I was able to get through the game against the hard cpu!

Beating the single player mode on both normal and hard reward the player with codes to unlock new characters. These codes are input on the character selection screen while the random option is highlighted. Successful input will make the new character appear on the roster screen. I will post the codes and character names once I pick out some "spoiler" CSS.

I'd like to try the 2p versus out but the likelihood I'll be doing any multiplayer on these titles any time soon is low.

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