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This site couldn't exist without the prior work of others! From the people at 90s SNK to the folks at Neocities, I owe thanks and credit. Here I'll list as much as possible every resource I've used.

Game stuff

Dark Arms: Beast Buster 1999: Though incomplete, PKeating's Dark Arms walkthrough has been extremely helpful. I haven't finished the game yet myself though.

Web stuff

Fonts: These pages use Overpass from Google Fonts and the home page uses Overpass Mono for the clock. Sniglet from Google Fonts is used sparingly.

Javascript: I used this basic javascript clock as the basis for the home page clock. Then refined it from a top answer on stack overflow.

CSS: Always thanks to w3schools; sticky sidebar code was taken from sticky positionining with css tutorial. Additional css styles from css tricks for hr styles.

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